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The unique success of our business is down to the relationships that our staff build and maintain in the field.

That’s why we are proud of the calibre of the people we employ and work with on a daily basis. Highly-skilled, motivated and enthusiastic, we know we’ve got something pretty special. We implement a 26 week training programme in house so that every person on every team has the knowledge and abilities they require to deliver the best.


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We aim to provide a vibrant, happy and healthy working environment with a whole range of employee benefits, including:


flexx is our flexible part-time workforce who work for Tactical Solutions.

We have opportunities ranging across; Merchandising - Display Building - POS Siting - Auditing - Demonstration / Sampling - Product Withdrawal - Distribution and availability - Mystery Shopping.

Campaigns vary from a 30 minute call to full day calls depending on the customer requirements. Work is available nationwide. Please click the link below to register your interest for flexx opportunities.

To register for flexx only roles vacancies please select the link below